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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring is here ! (Bzzzzz)

Out here in the Shed at the end of the garden the arrival of spring is not greeted by Cuckoos, but by the menacing deep buzz of queen wasps coming out of retirement. Some of whom always seem to have stashed themselves away in the Shed/Office somewhere.

The acoustics in the Shed are good, and also let in a great array of bird song etc - so your not always sure if one of these vindictive bastards is inside or outside.

I check carefully each morning right now .....

I've seen a lot of queen wasps this year - its going to be a busy year !

Friday, April 21, 2006

The CT600 return is in

At last - I think if I manage to get to the stage of trading an accountant is a must. ( In fairness this is the advise that just about anyone will give, and Business Link people etc broadcast ).

Still need to make about GBP750 to pay for it next year !

Monday, April 17, 2006

Still moving towards those returns

OK I've now got my supper secret activation PIN from HMRC and had a go at doing my corporate tax return on line. All was well right up to the end where they want accounts added. Now I've done company accounts until 31 Jan 06 ( as required by Companies House), but this arm of the government wants accounts up to 11Jan06 - ie different accounts.

This is not a problem this year as my accounts are so simple - but hopefully next year when I've actually started selling something it will be a little more difficult.

Have asked those nice people at HMRC if I can do another return from 12Jan06 to 31Jan06 to bring both periods into line - tell you how it goes. But I have to do a return very shortly or else we're in fine territory here.....

See Cathy's take on all this - I'd attach the cartoon directly, but there's no doubt copyright reasons why I shouldn't ...

Monday, April 10, 2006

So no Tax return or companies return yet .....

I've done the accounting part - however bother HMRC and Companies house take time with to register with for electronic submissions. Its going to be a week whilst I await the PIN confirmation codes coming in. By the way Companies house have some sort of abbreviated accounts small companies submission test going on. Seems to be PDF form based - hence sorting the choice of categories out for you - I may well try it !

Friday, April 07, 2006

Last cup of Coffee and still no accounts

That's it - I'm drinking my last cup of real coffee. The accounts are taking time ( though for the last two days I've been off looking after the children ).

I wonder if its possible to make a balance sheet balance without coffee ?

Will instant do ?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its all about Balance

Trying to do the company Balance sheet for the year right now. Only I'm pretty sure a balance sheet should balance right ? So could be a bit more work to be done here !

The Business

I started another Blog almost 2 years ago, and its mostly drifted into politics. I intended to write about all sorts of things including setting up my own business, so this is an attempt to put things right.

I'm reading a book on Micro-ISV's at the moment - and it recommends blogs as a way of creating a buz about your firm. However, the product my company is going to be aimed at will be in a conservative (small c - no politics ! ) engineering sector. I'm not sure how a full disclosure of my progress towards getting the company running will impact on such an audience. Hence I'm going to keep this anonymous for now.

The company I own is coming up for its first year reports, which in the UK need to go to an organisation called companies house. So today I am mostly teaching myself accountancy and book keeping ..... I can hear the wife coming down the garden now - she doesn't know I have a Blog ( and its wouldn't stay anonymous around here if she did ! Time to publish ).