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Monday, April 17, 2006

Still moving towards those returns

OK I've now got my supper secret activation PIN from HMRC and had a go at doing my corporate tax return on line. All was well right up to the end where they want accounts added. Now I've done company accounts until 31 Jan 06 ( as required by Companies House), but this arm of the government wants accounts up to 11Jan06 - ie different accounts.

This is not a problem this year as my accounts are so simple - but hopefully next year when I've actually started selling something it will be a little more difficult.

Have asked those nice people at HMRC if I can do another return from 12Jan06 to 31Jan06 to bring both periods into line - tell you how it goes. But I have to do a return very shortly or else we're in fine territory here.....

See Cathy's take on all this - I'd attach the cartoon directly, but there's no doubt copyright reasons why I shouldn't ...


Blogger Man in a shed said...

HMRC say

"Thank you for your email

The Inland Revenues Online Service Helpdesk can only help if you are
having technical problems trying to send in your Company Tax Return over
the Internet.

For a specific tax enquiry like yours, please contact your Tax Office,
they will be able to help you further.

You can find the address and telephone number of your local office in
The Phone Book under 'Inland Revenue' or by selecting the 'Contact Us'
link at the top of the HMRC homepage at"

Should have guessed having an email support was too good to be true

4:28 pm  

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