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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Business

I started another Blog almost 2 years ago, and its mostly drifted into politics. I intended to write about all sorts of things including setting up my own business, so this is an attempt to put things right.

I'm reading a book on Micro-ISV's at the moment - and it recommends blogs as a way of creating a buz about your firm. However, the product my company is going to be aimed at will be in a conservative (small c - no politics ! ) engineering sector. I'm not sure how a full disclosure of my progress towards getting the company running will impact on such an audience. Hence I'm going to keep this anonymous for now.

The company I own is coming up for its first year reports, which in the UK need to go to an organisation called companies house. So today I am mostly teaching myself accountancy and book keeping ..... I can hear the wife coming down the garden now - she doesn't know I have a Blog ( and its wouldn't stay anonymous around here if she did ! Time to publish ).


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