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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The gain and drain of the internet

I've just completed all P11D, P14 and P35 for this year over HMRC's now vastly improved web portal. Hurray.

However, the excitement of local politics and a growing addiction to checking Blogs is really eating into my work time. As currently there's no one to notice its a hidden problem, but I must get more work done in my key hours.

Let you know how I do - but not in the too near future I hope.....

Its hard to stay focused and driven when your working alone.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ops - Inland Revenue reminder No 2

Just recieved our second reminder in a year for not doing NIL returns on PAYE for a month.

Of course I signed up for the online PAYE service - only to discover you can't enter zero in the Income Tax PAYE / NI return part. ( How is it possible to create a system with that sort of flaw - muppets. )

Currently I'm writing the software. Next I'll sell the software and then I'll pay myself a wage. Its still months away ......

Still I need to do this better - so entered a monthly reminder in my calendar ( I use Yahoo's service for this stuff- its great and would scale for a few employees if I ever get that far. )